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On the Epistemology of Innovation: How Breakthrough Innovators Connect the Dots is a series of brief, occasional essays addressed to senior executives, managers and technologists responsible for innovation in industry. Its purpose is to challenge readers to reflect broadly and deeply on the practice of innovation – in particular on how innovators come to know what to do today – in order to succeed commercially in the future. The objective of this approach is, first, to help the reader gain awareness of their own unarticulated embedded epistemology of innovation, as well as that of others. Second, it challenges readers with new perspectives and views of what it means to innovate. Having engaged in this way, readers will be better able to develop a more explicit, intentional personal framework through which they can understand innovation. By doing so, proven and aspiring breakthrough innovators are enabled to both: (1) expand their personal innovation skills and (2) be better able to articulate to others what they know and how they know it. Similarly, managers and senior executives are enabled to: (1) more successfully identify potential innovators, (2) better understand the innovators with whom they work, and (3) better advocate and make decisions on their behalf.

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Spanning a career at the intersection of business and technology, Bruce Vojak has experienced and explored Breakthrough Innovation purposefully and variously. Having first established himself as a successful technical contributor and technology executive in industry, he understands first-hand the business need for and benefits of Breakthrough Innovation. Having later transitioned to academia, he followed his passion by conducting groundbreaking research on the practice of Breakthrough Innovation across a wide cross-section of mature companies and industries.

A list of Bruce’s authored or co-authored 70 peer-reviewed journal publications and 48 conference presentations is included here to illustrate just one aspect of the breadth and depth of his expertise.