Breakthrough Innovation Advisors, LLC exists to enable our clients to survive and thrive in a volatile, complex, and increasingly ambiguous world.

Core market

  • Exclusive focus on mature companies, regardless of industry
  • Companies of all sizes, from small to midsized to large
  • Individuals and groups at all levels, from owners to CEOs, presidents, and general managers to technical executives (CTOs, VPs of engineering and R&D), technical managers, and proven and aspiring Serial Innovators
  • Both privately-held and publicly-traded companies

Our distinctive position

For decades, both business practice and research on innovation have taken the perspective that innovation can be managed like any other (albeit complex) process of the firm. While a highly structured and closely supervised approach is helpful in creating Incremental Innovation, our experience, supported by a decade‐long study of numerous companies across many industries reveals that it is not conducive to creating Breakthrough Innovation. In fact, the drive to routinize has gone too far; so far as to limit many companies’ ability to innovate. In today’s economy, with the future of so many mature firms at stake, this insight brings a clarion call to rethink how to nurture and thrive on an innovative workforce.

In sharp contrast to prevailing perspectives, we re‐frame the problem by taking a “people” view of innovation. This approach zeros in on the cutting‐edge individuals who repeatedly create and deliver Breakthrough Innovations in mature organizations. Unlike Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk, these “Serial Innovators” are embedded within the organization and not known by the public at large. Yet, they are organizational powerhouses who solve consumer problems and substantially – and disproportionately – contribute to their company’s financial value.

About us

Bruce Vojak individually or with one or more colleagues from a powerful network of associated world-class experts possessing deep and varied backgrounds can be flexibly and collaboratively engaged to help your company.

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