For companies at maturity

Grind out an extended maturity?

Manage decline and exit?

or Renew, to survive and thrive.

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Your options at maturity

When a company—or the industry it competes within—is at maturity, executive leadership must choose from a handful of options. Extend maturity, decline and exit, or renew.

Navigate this fork in the road well, and you succeed beyond everyone’s dreams.

Breakthrough Innovation is the path of renewal. It occurs when an entirely unanticipated new product, process, service, or business model has significant, ongoing impact in the marketplace. Breakthrough Innovation changes the paradigm within which competition occurs; it does so to the significant and sustainable financial benefit of those successfully implementing it.

Breakthrough Innovation is neither random nor process but, instead, the very human act of discovery. An act requiring you and your company to acquire and establish new, unique, and important perspectives, insights, cultural values, and business practices in order to achieve and sustain it.

Breakthrough Innovation Advisors, LLC applies proven approaches and insights to help companies survive and thrive in a volatile, complex, and increasingly ambiguous world. A world in which—when Breakthrough Innovation occurs—the success or survival of companies and the lives of individuals are forever changed as both fortunes and jobs are created and lost.