Bruce Vojak’s research career

Bruce Vojak’s research career consists of two distinct phases, a twenty-five-year stream (1977 to 2002) in the general field of Physical Electronics and a nearly twenty-five-year stream (1999 to present) in the general field of Innovation.

His work in Physical Electronics included research on photonic, electronic and acoustic technologies at the materials, components and subsystems levels of the value chain. This stream yielded fifty-six publications in refereed journals and twenty-four conference presentations. Highlight accomplishments include: the first demonstration of the quantum-well laser, the first demonstration of the low temperature-dependence of threshold-current in quantum-well lasers, the characterization of epitaxial crystals grown over submicrometer metal gratings for novel high-speed transistors, and the first demonstration of laser operation of a doping superlattice.

His work in Innovation grew out of seeking to understand how innovation really occurs. He has made significant contributions to understanding the critical role of people (in contrast to process) in innovation and now focuses on helping mature companies grasp—and benefit from—the importance of these insights. To date, this stream has yielded two books, five invited book chapters, fourteen publications in refereed journals, and twenty-four conference presentations. Additionally, this work has generated significant industry interest, resulting in thirty-six keynote and seminar presentations and workshops for industry audiences.

A list of Bruce’s authored or co-authored 70 peer-reviewed journal publications and 48 conference presentations—spanning both his technical and business careers—is available upon request.