RP B&WRay Price has collaborated with Bruce Vojak on Breakthrough Innovation research and client engagements for over fifteen years. A recognized authority on the human behavior of technical professionals in organizations, Ray is Professor Emeritus from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, having held the William H. Severns Chair of Human Behavior in the College of Engineering. At Illinois, Ray served as Co-Director of the Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education and was the founding Director of the Illinois Leadership Center and the Technology Entrepreneur Center.

Like Bruce, Ray’s career spans both industry and academia. Prior to joining the University, he held management positions at Allergan, Boeing, and Hewlett-Packard. At Allergan he was the Vice President of Human Resources for the North America Region. He earned a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University. A co-author with Bruce on Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms (Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2012), Ray earlier collaborated with Charles H. House as the authors of The HP Phenomenon: Innovation and Business Transformation (Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2009).